Company Summary

The "Ultimate Relaxing Space" for Everyone

Ever since Komeda's Coffee was established in 1968, it has provided "places to relax", taking root in the active coffee shop culture of Nagoya and carrying the philosophy of "our spirit of cherishing coffee".

Cozy and comfortable shops decorated with authentic wood and brick, Komeda Blend Coffee, displaying our unique domestic processing methods using selected beans from all over the world, an affordable variety of menus with a homemade feeling, and the "Omotenashi" hospitality toward each and every customer with just the right amount of space—are all essential factors in creating the "relaxing" atmosphere of Komeda's Coffee.

Our society, which had only been focused on efficiency and productivity, has at last started to rediscover spiritual happiness for each individual.  Our mission is to provide the "ultimate place to relax" when you need to take a moment to recharge yourself and restore your energy, or to be the daily go-to gathering place for your circle of friends.  Although our shops are located outside of your homes, we would like everyone to use our shops as their "second living room" to unwind in.  By all means spend quality time to your heart's content by relaxing at Komeda's Coffee with your friends, acquaintances and family.

In response to the continued support of our customers, we will always strive to showcase the unique and incomparable color of each community-based shop.  We thank you for your continued patronage.

Okitane Usui